Up All Night LP

by The Van Buren Boys

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Sophomore release from Chicago's Van Buren Boys! Power pop that'll make ya drop! Rock n' roll that'll save your soul!


released September 30, 2011

Produced and engineered by The Van Buren Boys
Tyler - Guitar and Vocals (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 9-10)
Ryan - Guitar and Vocals (tracks 4 & 8)
Corsh - Bass/Guitar and Vocals (track 6)
Andrew - Drums

Additional Back-ups on track 5 by Nick Dehmlow

Recorded Feb-June 2011



all rights reserved


The Van Buren Boys Chicago

Bringing back the melodies of 60s pop with a rock n' roll attitude! Grab a drink, hit the dance floor, and prepare to sweat!

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Track Name: Turn It Up Loud
she waited all week for the bell to ring
but the seconds just seem to always creep
well tonight you can bet shell be at the show
shes gonna get real loose for the rock n roll

she said turn it up loud
yeah yeah yeah
she said turn it up loud
oh my my
she said turn it up loud
cmon cmon
i wanna hear my favorite songs
turn it up loud tonight i wanna sing along

spent all her week just doing chores
yeah taking tall orders and sweeping floors
but tonight theres only one thing on her mind
she just wants to let loose and have a real good time

now the weekends over and its back to the grind
shes gonna watch that clock tick and count the time
until its friday night and shell go out again
shes gonna dance and sing for the rock n roll band
Track Name: Crazy
well, its a long walk home tonight
but the stars are shinning bright to make me feel alright
and theres just one thing on my mind
and thats a girl with hazel eyes whos been drivin me wild

ever since i met her shes been in my dreams
im tryin hard to quit her but im hooked it seems
i cant help it no more shes gotta spell on me

i been crazy...
since i last saw you
i dont know what to do
i been oh so crazy i cant sleep at night
oh so crazy ever since we said goodbye

now its getting mighty cold outside
the suns going down but i feel warm inside
it must be this heart of mine
well, thinkin bout her its beating double time

i cant do anything the way that i used to
yeah, anything i do i just wanna do it with you
im trying to keep my words inside
im trying to close my starry eyes
im trying so hard but i just cant hide ( i been crazy)
Track Name: All Over Again
Running free on Friday nights all over again
Getting into trouble and laughing all over again

We're running through the street
Along with the summer heat

Nothing could bring me down
When I'm dancing to that rock n' roll sound
When I got you by my side I feel so alive

So don't worry about how we're getting home
'Cause if we wake up alive we'll have plenty of time to figure all that out tomorrow

Tonight, tonight
I wanna do it all
All over again

Running down the boulevard all over again
Hanging at the same old places all over

The sun is going down
It's time for the boys to come out

There's no place that I'd rather be
Than here with you in this city
We got miles to run and I'm still feeling young...

So don't worry about how we're getting home
'Cause if we wake up alive we'll have plenty of time to figure all that out tomorrow

Tonight, tonight
I wanna do it all
All over again
Track Name: Empty Blues
Sitting alone and my mind starts racin' and my heart starts beatin away.
There's nothin new for me to be doin and I have nothin new to say.
Then I see my baby, shes so damn pretty and the love we got is so true.
But even though I'm here with her, I just can't seem to shake these empty blues.

That old void feeling is so damn absolute...

Out with everybody, just havin a blast and it hits me like a ton of bricks.
I feel those blues start creepin on and its hard to keep up my wits.
Baby I know I told you already, but I'm gonna tell you one more time...
If I don't learn to shake these blues you know I'm gonna lose my mind.

my minds goin numb and everythings askew
I try to shake it off but it aint no use...
Runnin so fast but the pain ensues...
I cant take it no more, you better ready the noose

because my minds goin numb and everythings askew
I try to shake it off but it aint no use
Runnin so fast but the pain ensues
Girl you gotta help me shake these empty blues
Track Name: Because Of You
Darling I'm weak, because of you
Can't eat or sleep, because of you
Nothing to give, because of you
Don't want to live, because of you

Well you went and ripped my heart in two
And now there's nothing I can do

Empty inside, because of you
Just wanna die, because of you
Can't laugh, can't smile, because of you
Nothings worthwhile, because of you

When you walked out that day
I didn't know what to say
I didn't mean to let you down
I really believed that you liked me around
I just wish I knew what to do
But I know that I can't handle the truth
Everythings been outta control
Since you stole the only heart I own, (and left me here all alone)

Can't take this pain, please come back
Promise I'll change, just please come back
I've got no place to be, I'm here on my knees
Girl, hear my pleas, I'm begging you
Track Name: Ain't So Bad
baby i know its been a couple of days
ive fallin off track and i lost my way
but oh my my my my no it aint so bad

id be sleepin in the trash if i could sleep
my eyes have been blurry and my knees are weak
but oh my my my my no it aint so bad

i lost my girl and i feel so bad
shes the best bird that i ever had
since that day that she flew away
well i aint, no, i aint had much to say

been a hot minute since i seen you
i been dreamin of the things that we used to do
but oh my my my my no it aint so bad

baby dont ya call me on the telephone
try tell me how hard it is being alone
but oh my my my my no it aint so bad

(girl, since you left, things just aint been the same
i been staying up all night, going crazy every day
but when i stop to think about it... it aint so bad)

come on over baby, hey what do ya say
im sure its been hard just to stay away
but oh my my my my no it aint so bad

i know we already had our last dance
but could it be so bad to give me one more chance
well oh my my my my no it aint so bad
Track Name: Run Around
saw you out one night
couldnt believe my eyes
you were dressed to kill
and baby i nearly died

well you looked so good
and so i asked ya to dance
i could tell that you wanted to
but you didnt wanna take a chance

cause you were scared of havin a good time
too scared that i might bite
you told me i looked a little too wild
but just you wait and see

so cmon and take my hand
well run around
ill show you things youve never seen
if you got not place to be
lets run around
you know i wanna take you with me

you said you wernt so sure
well what ya got to lose?
ive been scared a few times before
yeah ive had myself a case of the blues

but goin out on the town
it made me feel alright
just gimme one chance little girl
and i know ill make you feel alive

just close you eyes and jump right in
and youll see that it aint so bad
forget your friends, forget your job,
forget everything they taught you in class
cause im gonna show you a real good time
gonna show you all them city lights
so grab my hand and dont let go
because where this night ends i dont even know
Track Name: Down Like Hail
if i could see what was on your mind
id steal it from you and give you whats on mine
just so i know, its not bad at all
then i could save myself from taking that fall

down like hail
down like hail
down like hail one more time

baby lets stay up all night
keep our eyes open til we feel alright
so we could see its not bad at all
so we could save ourselves from taking that fall

down like hail
down like hail
down like hail one more time
Track Name: Don't Wanna Stop
when you got back in town it felt like itd been so long
(so long since i seen you)
but we caught up quick and started singing all those old songs
(every word we still knew)
those nights out on the town wernt the same without you

laughin and talkin while the time just seemed to fly
(now it time to get ready to go)
playin old records real loud to kick start the night
(baby turn up that ol rock n roll)
a few sips from that bottle and we were feelin fine

and i dont ever wanna stop
cause nights like these are all i got
(theres no time to grow up)

i could never forget
all those nights we spent
every good time that i had
well i had it with you

so we finally decided to hit those city streets
(well theres a couple places that i know)
runnin round downtown its like we never missed a beat
(we had no time for feelin low)
with no destination we knew just where to go

theres a place around here where we can see some friends
(see some friends that we used to know)
yeah inside here the good times never seem to end
(they only grow, more and more)
well im so glad that youre back in town again

when the sun came up we were still alive
gettin our kicks, somehow we survived
through night full of laughter, mischief, and when
youre back in town i cant wait to do it again
Track Name: Up All Night
Another night you know I'm going crazy
Another night I tear myself apart for you baby

Another night and I just can't take it
Another heartbreak I can't escape it
Can't seem to get myself outta bed
Can't seem to get you outta my head

Girl, you know I was up all night
Just trying to think of ways to make this right
I beat myself all black and blue
Just trying to figure out how to get you... back

Another night I set myself up to take the fall
Another night banging my head on the wall

Another night and I'm falling apart
Whys every day gotta be so hard
Can't seem to get myself outta bed
Can't seem to get you outta my head

Another night and everything’s the same
Another night drinking til I don't know my name

Another night and it's all too much
Another drink aint ever enough
To make me forget the words you said
Why can't I get you outta my head?

I've been up all night
Trying to close my eyes
I've been up all night
And I still ain't right
I've been up all night...