Six String Love LP

by The Van Buren Boys

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Debut album from the Van Buren Boys, "Six String Love" is a mix of 50s inspired Rock n' Roll and 70s Punk guitar, with sing along pop melodies that will be stuck in your head for days. Twelve tracks that will keep your feet tapping and your hips shaking!

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released September 9, 2009



all rights reserved


The Van Buren Boys Chicago

Bringing back the melodies of 60s pop with a rock n' roll attitude! Grab a drink, hit the dance floor, and prepare to sweat!

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Track Name: Out Tonight
baby get ready, im taking you out tonight
no girl in this city could be a better find
get yourself all glammed up and ready to go
lets start the night with a rock n roll show

i dont wanna share you with the rest of the boys
no, no, no, not none of the guys
i dont wanna share you with no one else...

im gonna take you out tonight
better make sure those pants are skin tight
lets do all the things we wanna do, alright
cause im gonna take you out tonight

one drink for the lady and one for me too
the band sounds good and so does round two
hope under there you got something on see through
lets find a cheap motel and ditch this place soon

lets get out of here and have some fun
next to you there is no one
girl youre driving me crazy...

grabbed a couple bottles of cheap wine
in hopes to see a little waistline
the moon shines bright when it hits your skin
the sight of your body is making my head spin
the lights are out and were all alone
and im making my way down to your hip bone
dont care if the neighbors eavesdrop
its all so good i just cant stop

and ill take you out again tomorrow night
better make sure you wear that skirt i like
we can do all the things we didnt do tonight
cause im gonna take you out again, alright!
Track Name: Told You So
youre out for yourself again
wont consider me again
all you do is tell me lies
its no surprise...
you cheat and steal and backstab
you dont care about what you have
this game you play will catch up to you
and i wont care...

this time was your last
you walked away and didnt turn back
and now your heads about to blow
wish i could say i told you so

you fooled me once, you fooled me twice
i should have took my own advice
i know your kind you make me sick
deciet and tricks...
real life will catch you fast
i just hope that i'm there to laugh
you only care about yourself
and nobody else...
Track Name: That Same Song
Remember those old days, it was a blast,
No problems of our own, no sweat on our backs
You had me and baby I had you,
And sure enough we had all the trouble we could get ourselves into

Day after day we sang that same song
And when it got old we'd turn the stereo on
That time has passed, it's so far away
And there's so many things I wish I could say

But this is what it comes down to
I'm left here again with nothing to do
Walk out on me I won't go on
But it's too late you're already gone

You left me that day, and didnt look back
I felt so down and out, girl you threw my life off track
Now I've got nowhere to go, and I've got nowhere to be
I'm just sitting here at home, wishing you'd come back to me

So we could sing that same old song
And if it gets old we'll turn the stereo on
But that time has passed, it's so far away
And there's so many things I wish I could say

But this is what it comes down to
I'm left here again with nothing to do
Walk out on me, I won't go on
But it's too late you're already gone
Track Name: Get Away
the streets are empty and i feel so alone
been 21 years still dont call this home
im gonna end this one cause nothing heres alright

i try and try but i always fail
i try and try and end up on this trail
a dead-end road thats headed nowhere tonight

i cant take it
scared i wont make it
out of here, out of this town
cant take the stress
my heads a mess
and everyone here is bringing me down

a dead-end job thats going nowhere
my rents due again and i dont care
no life, no friends, theres nothing for me here

gotta get out, start a whole new life
gotta get away from this confusion and strife
gotta get off this road that headed nowhere
Track Name: Anywhere But Here
oh man im so bored
i cant think of anything to give these nerves a rest
so its time to take you out
before both our minds become a total mess

dirty dishes clothes and cans are sitting all around
man this place just brings me down
im just too anxious and my legs shaking away
ive got to get out of this place, and go...

anywhere but here

and so we start to drive
with no particular place in mind
i dont care where we end up
anywhere, any place will be just fine

anywhere but here
Track Name: Six String Love
dreams it seems i used to have a lot
but as time went on i somehow forgot
what it is that i was looking for
i just cant find my way anymore

money, i know i dont have much
but i always get by just having your touch
the nights never end, the mornings come too soon
i feel like a million bucks when i hold you

but they say that i got nothin
but honey they just cant see
that i got everything that i need
when youre right in front of me

yeah, i got six stringed love
(some may say that she's not much)
when i hold her not a thing goes wrong

love, i know it's hard to come by
and as time goes on i ask myself why
what it is that i'm looking for
i just cant find my way anymore

friends, theyre always hard to find
but friends like you are one of a kind
couldn't make it through without you by my side
when things get tough in you i confide
Track Name: 410 W. Springfield Ave.
some nights are so hard to recall
but back then we thought we'd never forget
sleeping in 'til half past two
and spending every night with my friends

we never had much money
but we always seemed to have plenty of fun
driving 'round town looking for trouble
but we always ended up in that same spot

then one day it seemed it all ended
and i wondered will i ever be young again
those times can't be gone no, no not yet
im not ready to... grow up yet

back then i fell in love with you
seemed nothing could keep us apart
warm nights, warm smiles from you
somehow you managed to steal my heart
Track Name: Dark Hair and Hazel Eyes
so i decided to roll the dice
on dark hair and hazel eyes
her looks can mesmerize
the toughest of the guys

but shes all mine, yeah, shes so fine
you know i keep my arm around her all night
well she dont care about the other guys
not my dark hair and hazel eyes

havent seen her in a couple of days
and all i wanna do is say
i need you baby in so many ways
lets take a chance and run away

cause shes all mine, yeah, all the time
and im gonna keep her right by my side
cause she dont care about the other guys
not my dark hair and hazel eyes

its friday night and i cant wait
but of course shes runnin late
trying to figure out what to wear
but it dont matter, no i dont care

cause shes all mine, yeah, shes so fine
and it makes no difference if were on time
cause well be out until sunrise
this girls my new vice, oh yeah
Track Name: Another Day
now i cant seem to find a job
and all my money is far long gone
now i cant afford to do anything
but sit here and strum this old six string

well i guess its just that same old story
and all these words start to get boring
ill just continue to keep on snoring, for another day...
(ill just continue to say im sorry, for another day...)

now my landlord is knockin again
shes upset because i didnt pay rent
the gas is turned off and i dont have any lights
just scars on my legs from all the fleabites

i cant seem to get my life straight
and i cant find a way
to live another way, this is all i know
another night, another show
Track Name: Luck Of The Draw
oh babe its gonna happen
youre gonna lose it all
so play the hand your dealt
because you cant change the luck of the draw

i know you got it rough
and too much is never enough man
just keep those eyes wide open
and keep your heart on hoping

its your choice to hit or stay
but once you bust you lose the game
you better think fast because its make or break
dont waste another day
so baby just fold or go all in
right now is your chance to win
got a card up your sleeve
but its plain to see that your bluffing

oh babe you know its comming
youre gonna hit rock bottom
so go on have your fun
and dive head first into that bottle
Track Name: Walk Alone
night after night i cant close my eyes
and this guitar is what keeps me alive
not the glow of the tv or the empty bottle
i cant move a muscle but im going full throttle

these nights never seem to go as i like
i sit here alone and i wonder about my life
no clue where ill be in five more years
no clue just a case of my worst fears

but ill walk these city streets alone
mile after mile until i get back home
through all the streets and all of the back roads
and i'll pray for tomorrow...

ill walk alone night after night
another drink, i hope it makes things right
this damn headache won't let me go
it keeps everything moving so slow

but i gotta just brush this all off
and take last good look at that clock
hit the streets, try to make it all seem clear
but always end up back here

back on these these city streets alone
mile after mile until i get back home
through all the streets and all of the back roads
and i'll pray for tomorrow...
Track Name: No Regrets
when will you learn, that just because your heart beats
doesnt mean that youre alive, doesnt mean that youre living
gotta take a chance, the world wont wait for you
sure enough itll pass you by, and your time will be through

you dont need anyone to tell you how to live your life
just get out of here, you cant stick around til you die

i'd rather live my life unsure of whats to come next
than live my life sitting in a sea full of regret
got something that money cant buy, its what keeps me alive
a little heart goes a long, long way in a world that doesnt want you to try...
but somehow i keep getting by

so let's hit the road, forget the map let's follow our hearts
all we need is a tank full of gas and we'll pray that the car starts
follow the sun or gun for the stars i don't care which way we go
just as long as we get outta here, just as long as were on the road

we don't need anyone to tell us how us how to live
just got to get outta here, no time to wonder "what if?"